Legends of Leicester & Leicestershire – Vol II

Steve Cartwright & Dave Taylor

All songs written and arranged by Steve Cartwright and Dave Taylor.
Steve Cartwright – Lead and harmony vocals, guitar, mandola, bass and percussion.
Dave Taylor – Lead and harmony vocals, guitar, banjo, accordion, piano, keyboards, recorder, percussion and laptop theremin.

Guest musicians – Mark Tabraham, Sarah Brookman, Graham Parker, Camille Parker, Claudine Langille.
Mixed and mastered by Greg Tempest. Greg’s Music Room.

  •     King Lear (Taylor)
  •     Black Aniss’s Lair (Taylor)
  •     Ethelfleda (Cartwright)
  •     Thankyou Mr Hoskins (Taylor)
  •     Dick the Shit (Taylor)
  •     Goosepastures (Taylor)
  •     Multum in Parvo (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Too Much Drinking (Taylor)
  •     Rasselas Morjan (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Ada Lovelace (Cartwright)
  •     The Poacher (Cartwright/Taylor)
  •     James Hawker song (Cartwright)
  •     Buffalo Bill (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Living Next Door to Alice (Taylor)
  •     Rum Weather (Cartwright)
  •     Old Clothes (Taylor)
  •     Squire de Lisle (Cartwright)
  •     Sea of Blue (Taylor)