Legends of Leicester & Leicestershire – Vol II

Steve Cartwright & Dave Taylor

All songs written and arranged by Steve Cartwright and Dave Taylor.
Steve Cartwright – Lead and harmony vocals, guitar, mandola, bass and percussion.
Dave Taylor – Lead and harmony vocals, guitar, banjo, accordion, piano, keyboards, recorder, percussion and laptop theremin.

Guest musicians – Mark Tabraham, Sarah Brookman, Graham Parker, Camille Parker, Claudine Langille.
Mixed and mastered by Greg Tempest. Greg’s Music Room.

  •     King Lear (Taylor)
  •     Black Aniss’s Lair (Taylor)
  •     Ethelfleda (Cartwright)
  •     Thankyou Mr Hoskins (Taylor)
  •     Dick the Shit (Taylor)
  •     Goosepastures (Taylor)
  •     Multum in Parvo (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Too Much Drinking (Taylor)
  •     Rasselas Morjan (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Ada Lovelace (Cartwright)
  •     The Poacher (Cartwright/Taylor)
  •     James Hawker song (Cartwright)
  •     Buffalo Bill (Cartwright/Scattergood)
  •     Living Next Door to Alice (Taylor)
  •     Rum Weather (Cartwright)
  •     Old Clothes (Taylor)
  •     Squire de Lisle (Cartwright)
  •     Sea of Blue (Taylor)

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy


Greg – Lead guitar, rhythm guitar on Pass the Bottle and Ruby. Harmonies on Gryce, Keys on Paula, Bass on Ruby

Tonia – Vocal on Pass the Bottle. Harmonies

Steve – Guitar, bass, vocals and mandolin

  •     Cold Mountain
  •     Gryce
  •     Kestrel
  •     Barnsley Field
  •     James Hawker
  •     Refugee
  •     Breathe Easy
  •     Pass the Bottle
  •     My Name is Paula
  •     Western Shore
  •     Set My People Free
  •     Ruby

The Peasants Are Revolting

The Peasants Are Revolting
  •     Won’t Fool Me
  •     Poor Men Pay for All
  •     God Save the Hungry
  •     Two Brothers
  •     999NHS
  •     Swallow the Pills
  •     The Big Bang Theory
  •     Ye Greedy Bastards All
  •     John Little John
  •     Whatever’s Left
  •     England’s Green and Pleasant Land
  •     The Government Wall
  •     What You Gonna Do

Listen to the Rain

Eeper Weeper – Vitallion III

Eeper Weeper by Vitallion III - Album Cover
Eeper Weeper by Vitallion III

Eeeper Weeper by Vitallion III Rear Album Cover
Eeeper Weeper by Vitallion III


The Winkle Seller – Vitallion III

ginger beer

Living off the Lump

Vitallion III


Legends of Leicester and
Leicestershire Vol II
Breathe Easy
Breathe Easy
The Peasants Are Revolting
Autobiography Part 1
Listen to the Rain
Listen to the Rain
Tank 51 - Deborah - CD Cover
Tank 51 – Deborah
Dig it and Fly
Forget Me Not
Treacle for Pudding
Legends of Leicester and Leicestershire
Drums on the Soar
Goats are Great
Welcome to Insanity
The Pursuit of Obscurity
Pond Sitting for Beryl
Down the Cosmic Highway
Fields of Treason
At the Break of Dawn
Nobody’s Free
Dog Eat Dog
Not 3 Bad Stanley
Till the Indian was no More
The Last Days of the Way we Were
Daniel Lambert’s Trousers
Lament for the Gypsy
Gobbin’ Down me Mobile
I Can’t Complain
The State We’re In
Bah Humbug