Welcome to the Insanity

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Here’s Where I Started Out >

Ticket to the Barrier >

Sing to Me a Song My Darling >

Oh You >

Fields of Treason >

Welcome to Insanity >



< The Ballad of Rosaline Dais

< Hold on to Love

< The Miller of Bradgate Park

< Woe is Love

< Learn French with ze Beatles

< In the King’s Man ‘o War



Gobbin' Down Me Mobile Goats are Great Lament for the Gipsy Fields of Treason Welcome to Insanity The Pursuit of Obscurity Down the Cosmic Highway Pond Sitting for Beryl Nobody's Free Dog Eat Dog Till the Indian was no More The Last Days of the Way We Were Not Three Bad Stanley The State We're In I Can't Complain Daniel Lambert's Trousers Drums on the Soar

Recorded and mixed by Greg Tempest at his studio in Mountsorrel]   

Oh and Welcome to insanity recorded and mixed by Chris Conway who also played the piano on both these tracks.

1 Here’s where I started out

An autobiographical song

2 Ticket to the Barrier

The words to this were written by my friend Howard Latham and I put the music to it's not an easy task but the lyrics are so good it was worth the effort.

3 Sing a song to me my darling

I wrote this because I had to sing an unaccompanied song at a singaround and I wrote it very quickly.  Probably in less than a day although to be fair  I had an idea already waiting.Its a lovely little song that looks at life’s seasons and recognizing mine is heading rapidly towards the winter.But you know that’s O.K..  Death is the next great adventure.

4 Oh You

I wrote this for Veeker as an acknowledgement of her love and commitment to me.

5 Fields of Treason

The words to this song are by Paul Parker ,a re-enactment specialist,and  tell something of the story of the Battle of Bosworth [or Upton or wherever it is now supposed to be].  All this hype over Richard is a pain in my royal arse to tell you the truth.  The monarchy all the way down their sorry history have made life hell for their so-called subjects one way or another and the sooner we get a republic the better.

6 Welcome to Insanity

1984… Big Brother…surveillance….government control……wars wars wars.  Do I need to say more?

7 The ballad of Rozaleen Dais

This is a song I wrote having seen the film The secret life of bees and its about the civil rights movement in America.  It’s a song about love and courage and commitment and I strongly urge you to see the film and read the book.

8 Hold onto love

This is probably the most poignant song I have written for my mum and it carries with it the message she would give to the world.  Hold on to Love.

9 The Miller of Bradgate  Park

I wrote this for the show Daniel Lambert’s trousers and its to establish the beer mug story well and truly onto the realm of folklore.  I’m also going to use it for the work I am doing with Kate Easton on Bradgate Park.

10 Woe is love

A conclusion I have come to I’m afraid

11 Learn French with ze Beetles

This is a disgusting hoot.  Don’t play it around the little ones

12 The King’s Man o War

I got Young No More to perform this because it’s a sea shanty and needed some oomph!  I wrote it having read the Trumpet Major by Thomas Hardy.  There’s some reference to the Press gangs that took place during the Napoleonic wars and it seemed this dreadful intrusion into people’s lives needed some exposure.