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Nobody’s Free

Nobody’s Free >

Crackerman >

Born and Raised in England >

It Ain’t in Me >

Down the Lane your Beauty Lies >

The Big Sell >


< Rozaleen

< Oh my Lovely Daddy

< The Heart of your Love

< The Last Days of the Way We Were

< Only Love Will Keep Us Warm

< Til I Let Me Down My Heavy Load


Gobbin' Down Me Mobile Goats are Great Lament for the Gipsy Fields of Treason Welcome to Insanity The Pursuit of Obscurity Down the Cosmic Highway Pond Sitting for Beryl Nobody's Free Dog Eat Dog Till the Indian was no More The Last Days of the Way We Were Not Three Bad Stanley The State We're In I Can't Complain Daniel Lambert's Trousers Drums on the Soar

Recorded and mixed by Neil Segrott at Tiny Studios Leicester, this is a bit of a Steve Cartwright greatest hits album performed and recorded by Contraband [Me, Dan Britten and Neil Segrott] so I wont wax lyrical about the tracks as they already have some foot notes elsewhere.  I will just list them . There’s just one here that’s new and that is ’Only Love will keep you warm’

1 Nobody’s free

2 Crackerman

3 Born and raised in England

4 It aint in me

5 Down the lane your beauty lies

6 The big sell

7 Rozaleen

8 Oh my lovely Daddy

9 The heat of your love

10 The last days of the way we were

11 Only love will keep us warm.

There’s a great dialogue on this track between me and Neil and Elektra does a Greek salad voice-over instead of yer actual guitar solo.  

It’s lovely.

12 Til I lay me down my heavy load.