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‘Down the Cosmic Highway’ was recorded at Greg’s Music Room

Down the Cosmic Highway

Gobbin' Down Me Mobile Goats are Great Lament for the Gipsy Fields of Treason Welcome to Insanity The Pursuit of Obscurity Down the Cosmic Highway Pond Sitting for Beryl Nobody's Free Dog Eat Dog Till the Indian was no More The Last Days of the Way We Were Not Three Bad Stanley The State We're In I Can't Complain Daniel Lambert's Trousers Drums on the Soar

Recorded and mixed by Greg Tempest at his studio on Mountsorrel

1 Winning

This is a way of interpreting things that happen to us in this crazy world.  There’s always a down side to winning and an up-side to losing.  In fact I often gain more by losing.

Loving is the same if one always wants to be loved.. It’s much more about giving and reinforces that old adage ‘Give and you will receive’. If you do it in the right heart its true.  Anyway alongside these profound philosophical insights is the guitar tuning which is in DADGAD but then drops the G to E.  Very interesting results.  Give it a try.

2 I couldn’t find you anywhere

This is about the search for a lover and for happiness and concludes in a very negative way.Its therefore also about expectations and the need to compromise but in this song there is no compromise.  The quest is for a wildness that won’t be tamed and a love beyond the nonsense of mortgage.

3 Stormy winds do blow

A song that notes things will always be difficult . But  I guess that’s life.  Some folks find it easier than others but there’s no doubt in my mind things need to change dramatically in favour of the poor and the rich need to learn a more equitable way.  Beyond this though it’s a good romp from beginning to end.

4 Down many a highway

Trying to analyse why I’m here and how to make the most of things and get on  the right path.  So often in this life the right path for societal expectations is the wrong path spiritually.  This just confirms to me that society’s expectations are out of kilter with the spiritual world. Again this is because its  goals are always monetary and materialistic.

5 Momma don’t cry

This is the’ reap what you sow ‘syndrome.    Scary stuff but a constant reminder to get rid of the heavy baggage.. the grudges.. the criticism…… the faults.

6 Vanity

Tonya makes this with her lovely harmonies.   It’s an honest  [perhaps too honest] look at one’s motives.

7 I am no stranger

A song about depression and how difficult it can be to overcome it

8 The Letter

A relationship autopsy

9 Song for Ma

Well I would say nice things about my mum wouldn’t I. But the truth is I could not say enough nice things about her.  If there’s a heaven mum is in it for sure.   This song tries to say that and more.

10 Down the cosmic highway

I love the idea of this song but I’m never really happy with this recording .It probably wants doing again cos I often play this song just with a simple finger-picked backing and it works a treat.

11 We are Eagle

Same tuning as Winning and it has that strangely evocative feel about it.  It’s about parents choosing the children they have simply by what and who they are and by the lives they lead.  It also implies children choose the parents they need .The implication is that there is a force  out there that registers peoples progress towards love on a  sort of cosmic  scoreboard and people are then drawn towards situations that will help them

12 You are ready now to go.

I wrote this for my mum’s funeral and me and my daughter Nikki performed  it.  It honours her life but also looked at the last years of her increasing dementia.  I cannot speak highly enough of my mum. She simply devoted her life to the welfare of others always.  We miss you so much mum.