Dog Eat Dog >

Need Your Love So Bad >

Where are You Going My Darling One ? >

And Dream Awhile >

Monkey Don’t Talk >

Hungry for Your Love >


< The Daisy Wood

< My Love is a Panther

< It’s Very Nice

< When I’m Away from You

< The Shape I’m In

Dog Eat Dog

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I recorded this at the house of Robbie Murphy and we used Cakewalk on his P.C. as this technology was now becoming more and more refined.  If I remember correctly the deal was that I did the gardening and he did the recording.  Suited us both.  Times were ‘ard.,

1 Dog eat dog

A song that tries to look at the skills you need to run a successful relationship and the pitfalls that abound.

2 Need your love so bad

A blues with a bit of a twist

3 Where are you going my darling one

This is a bit of a skit on Dylan’s Spanish boots of Spanish leather theme.

4 And dream awhile

This has Thierry Guillemot playing the solo but he’s also playing the telephone book with a wire brush as I seem to recall. [Is there any end to his talents?]

5 Monkey don’t talk

A song for Dan’s monkey sanctuary.Long may it make money for them

6 Hungry for your love

This song is full of pain.nuff said.

7 The daisy wood

Some songs are just self-explanatory and this is one.But you know what; all that victorian attitude to sex and sexuality we could have done without big time innit?

8 My love is a panther

I wrote this after Ted Hughes died and some of Sylvia Plath’s poetry was printed in the Guardian.  I used some of her lyrics to capture her sense of being trailed by Ted in their courtship and I tagged it with a chorus that had echoes of ‘Down the dark alley’ to try and reinforce the sexual nature of this trailing.  Kevin Hewick does an orgasmic job on the lead solo.   Check it out

9 Its very nice

I love this track’ cos its so very different.  I swear to you that  during one whole year Jack’s response to anything I asked him was ’Its very nice’.Kids’Doncha just love ‘em?

10 When I’m away from you

Even I am guilty of such lyrical slush..stop it… I like it!

11 The shape I’m in

Pure rock n roll mi duck! However it again features the stunning guitar work of Kevin Hewick.Long may he rock on!