The Ballad of Daniel Lambert

The Ballad of Dick Turpin

The Ballad of John Massey

Swift Nick

Oh My Lovely Daddy

Lord Harborough’s Curve

Gwendoline Rumbles

The Elephant Man

Tricky Dickie

Gobbin' Down Me Mobile Goats are Great Lament for the Gipsy Fields of Treason Welcome to Insanity The Pursuit of Obscurity Down the Cosmic Highway Pond Sitting for Beryl Nobody's Free Dog Eat Dog Till the Indian was no More The Last Days of the Way We Were Not Three Bad Stanley The State We're In I Can't Complain Daniel Lambert's Trousers Drums on the Soar

The tracks for this are listed on the website so I wont repeat them.  They do however form the basis of what I hope one day will be the show “Daniel Lamberts Trousers” that Skatz and I worked on for some considerable time.  It is my intention in the foreseeable future to turn it into a radio play and take it from there.   Watch this space.