Oh well ,talking of money.

I have a new family and we too need a bit of money to get us through. There’s twin boys on the way by 95 and I join ‘Sharon and the Bog Bandits’ during the second synthetic Irish music invasion and God do we get some gigs.  This time with my first child Nikki doing the honours on fiddle, Sharon on drums, me on bass and vocals and Robbie Murphy on guitar and vocals.

This is yet another fine band but soon reduces to the Bog Bandits after Sharon leaves.  Me and Robbie whack out the rhythms and Nikki does the jigs and reels and the overall experience is of a hugely entertaining and driven rocking Celtic thing .  Robbie knows all the songs and is a fine exponent of flat picked guitar for the tunes and together we work at it til it hums.

But again things fall apart and the Bog Bandits (a great name I hope you agree) go bogwards and their end is now written in the annals of O’Neils and Molly O’Grady’s where we trod the boards nightly. I can still see Robbie goading his enthusiastic audience on as they jumped and strutted to his driven version of ‘Who are You my Pretty Fair Maid’ or ‘Johnny Jump Up’.

So I’m now looking for a band setting for my songs and so Contraband is born.

I begin a very creative working relationship with Dan Britten of Melton Mowbray.  Dan is a fine musician and with his help I now produce my 3rd and 4th albums (the second having been recorded in America with Gypsy reel).  Dan is also working with Neil Segrott, another fine Leicester musician and together we do some lovely gigs as Contraband .  However other ventures intervene and Contraband goes the way of all flesh but I continue to record with Neil who, as well as being a superb guitarist and bass player, is also a great recording engineer.

More albums follow and  I also get to do a bit of work with Chris Conway, yet another great Leicester musician who has now recorded a few tracks for me and made some great contributions to some of my albums.

These days I tend to work on my own although I have some fun playing with Phil Carr (maniac djembe player) or Simon Stokes on percussion.  I recently met  a remarkable guitarist, musician and recording engineer, Wayne Morris and together we have produced a remarkable album, my most recent called ‘Goats are Great’. Its on the site as are all the rest and more will follow soon.

I’ve also done an album with Andy Roseby and we will no doubt be doing a few gigs over the next year or so.

Ive also done 4 poetry books; ‘Warbling’, ‘Oh God not More Warbling’, ‘Eating Biscuits in a Field [vols 1 and 2]’ and the new one, (soon to be available) ‘More Warbling from the Bum and Beyond’.

Watch this space ……… Steve Cartwright. September 2013   

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