Well this was about the time I got influenced by Roger Wilson, an amazing fiddler,g uitarist and singer songwriter from good old Leicester.  He was playing some great folk music .. traditional stuff about people in struggle and stuff and it sort of resonated in me.  Struck a chord (excuse the musical pun) as it were and reinforced both my musical and political leanings and direction.

Also,after all the difficulties I’d had keeping bands together, working on my own again seemed a much more viable proposition.

So that’s what I did and I began researching stories and situations that reflected the struggles in ordinary working people’s lives and setting them to my music but with a heavy emphasis on a traditional style of writing.  And of course as I read and researched I began to realize the enormity of the crimes committed against my class and a very considerable anger began to grow in me as I learned and as I began to understand more about the structure of the world into which I had been born.

So I now had direction and a growing passion for the art of political song and a real desire to set a few things down in their true perspective.  So I did and this is the time (990’s) that I start recording proper albums.  It was the time that my second child,Jack, was born (in1991) and I was brimming with possibility and hope and passion and love .. oh yes .. yes .. Yes.

I’d recorded before but now the technology was much more accessible and my first album was born too.

’The Last Days of the Way We Were‘ was recorded by John Booth at Northfield Road in Hinckley using a vast 8 track mixer and analogue recording machine which I for one never fully understood but out of which John somehow managed to squeeze my first album and mighty proud of it I was (and still am) for all its wondrous faults and shortcomings for it has a naïve and delightful disregard for the pigeon – holers .. and I like to think that’s true of the rest of my albums (now numbering a dozen or so) that have followed in its wake.

And still they come as I learn and dream of a better world for its inhabitants and an end to the structures that ensnare and destroy the lives of so many for the sake of the rich.  

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