Then I formed Wellington.

I was renting an old farmhouse (its gone now. The fucking council knocked it down and replaced it with a shit block of flats .. morons).  

Anyway I turned the dairy into a recording studio with my songwriting partner Howard Latham.  I met Howard around 1970. He was (and still is) a very talented songwriter, singer and producer and, soon after we met, we began writing together and recording at Heath Farm.  Howard had lots of technical knowledge and his early recordings were wonderful even with the limited technology available then and, as we recorded and wrote, they got better and better as did our songs.  We spent loads of time writing and badgering Denmark Street with our musical efforts but really with no great success and eventually we went our separate ways although our paths do cross occasionally nowadays and we have recently had a track included on  a Wellington album that has seen the light of day.  Many of our earlier recodings were covered by Chicago Cottage which I will try to put on this site at some future date.

After my success with Chicago Cottage, I thought “I want some more of this” so I just went out into the streets of Earl Shilton and got some more musicians in and  unbelievably it all went like clockwork.

Steve Talbot was the drummer and he lived in Earl Shilton.  John Cavendish (bass) Barwell [next door pretty much], Steve Whetstone (electric fiddle) Burbage [next door pretty much] and Keith Krykant  Blaby [a bit further away but not much] on guitars and me on acoustic guitar vocals  and 3 notes I could play on an E flat clarinet I got somewhere.

For about 3 years we strutted the musical heights of original music and stamped our moniker wherever we could but we were just working class kids, had no clout, knew nobody in the business (as they say) and our aspirations to succeed were thwarted at every turn … plus the system meant nobody could really invest their lives into becoming a full time unpaid musician.

We all had families to look after, rent to pay and boring fucking jobs to do.

Anyway during this time Chips came back into the band after doing his degree in English at London University but we’d lost our mojo a bit by then and we couldn’t get it back whatever we did and that was the first time I’d experienced that inability to get my enthusiasm and drive to dig things out and move things on.  (Next Page)

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